Dominik M. Schwarz

Dominik Schwarz presents
In-house SEO Masterclass

Everything I've learned in 15+ years of leading and consulting world-class SEO teams in a condensed, cohort-based executive training for C-Level, VPs and Directors (of product, marketing, or tech) and ambitious SEO Managers. PS: There's a twist✨!

1 class. 4 sessions. 50+ office hours. 0 blah.

Dominik Schwarz
Maybe the only exec training on SEO strategy written by s/o with a decade+ in-house experience.

Why this In-house SEO Masterclass?

1. First, because there’s simply little to no trustworthy, neutral, or up-to-date resource on in-house SEO available. Most of the online resources are created with the intention of selling — and depending on what the author is selling the presented solutions look alike. And in academia, nearly all published papers are simply outdated — at best. So no, there‘s simply no great go-to destination yet to learn the strategies behind successful in-house SEO. Until now.

2. Second, experts of all stripes tend to speak in jargon. I understand why this happens, but as we try to escape the SEO bubble and pursue growth beyond the limits of the dying, traditional SEO way of doing things, jargon is counterproductive. My masterclass is, amongst others, about finding on a strategic level a common language across the board of business stakeholders.

3. And third (not being a jab against anyone), wouldn‘t it be an advantage to learn strategic in-house SEO from someone who actually has a proven track record in exactly that? I bring 15 years of management experience into this masterclass and served as maybe the world‘s first Chief Inbound Officer in a company we grew from startup to IPO and made north of 300.000.000 € GBV via organic traffic along the way. My rarely published insights became a blueprint for successful companies throughout Europe and now it‘s time to tell the full story.

I'm looking so much forward to this,
— Dominik

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  • This Masterclass is not about SEO methods or tactics. You won't learn which Google algorithm update recently happened, we won't talk about meta title optimization or discuss ranking factors. You and your team know all of that. Instead, we'll talk high level SEO strategy — and how to define and execute it successfully.
  • We'll also talk about how SEO can be deeply integrated into the organization. Why SEO needs a seat on the table of the big ones — and how to get there. We'll talk about setting up SEO strategies that last. We talk about stakeholder management and which mental models can guide us. We talk about why SEO is dead but at the same time alive and kicking. And what might happen in times of AI.
  • But in reality, we only have one topic: How do we transform SEO work in the most efficient, effective way into revenue 💸 — in a predictable, reliable, and for your business meaningful way.


This Masterclass was created for advanced professionals. My goal is to impart knowledge in the most condensed way possible and yet leave enough room to answer all questions along the way — even long after the last session. Here's how:

1.) The In-house SEO Masterclass is live and remote.
For the live sessions, we'll meet in Zoom.

2.) The In-house SEO Masterclass is cohort-based.
Small groups of people who are in the exact same situation as you.

3.) The In-house SEO Masterclass is not (only) for SEO people.
Zero SEO knowledge needed to join: This Masterclass is about cross-functional (SEO) business strategies. Product people, designers, devs, business managers et al. are not only welcome but might even derive the most incremental value from attending.

4.) The In-house SEO Masterclass is strategy-focussed.
I'll provide you with the toolset and mental models of how to formulate a compelling organic search strategy for your company that resonates with people outside of the SEO department.

5.) The In-house SEO Masterclass accompanies you for 2 years.
The theory is easy, but the implementation is hard: That's why you can dial in every month to discuss your current challenge. For two full years.

Live Session 1

In the first live session, we delve deeply into in-house SEO strategy, focusing on the fundamental workings of search and applying first-principle thinking to break free from reactive approaches. We explore the mental models crucial for establishing a solid foundation, setting the stage for all subsequent strategies and actions in the SEO process.

Chapters of live session 1:

  1. Introduction
    1. Masterclass Objective
    2. Housekeeping Details
    3. Licensing Agreement
    4. Masterclass Structure
  2. In-house SEO in the context of digital value creation
    1. Introduction to Organic Visibility
    2. Search Engine Marketing: A Special Case Among the Mass Media
      1. ZEI qx q Yvqq Vxqxxwq
      2. The Compounding Effect of SEO
      3. Two Paradigm Shifts in an Evolving Internet Economy
    3. Addressing SEO as a Resolved Problem
      1. Helpful and Harmful Research
      2. Defining the Playing Field
        1. The Concept of Bid-Based Search Engines
        2. Vzw Xqxxqw Jqwxq Yx Qqq
        3. Network Effects in Search
      3. Factors Influencing Organic Visibility
      4. Misconceptions About "the Algorithm" in Ranking and Re-ranking
        1. How the false concept of "The Algorithm" harms
        2. Vzw Bxwkxqq wk Wqvxjxq qzw Sq-Wqvxjxq
        3. Holistic Factors Influencing Visibility
      5. “The Champions” Concept
      6. The Detriment of Treating SEO as a Marketing Channel
      7. The Three Environments of SEO and Their Influencing Variables
    4. First Principle Thinking in SEO Strategy
      1. SEO First Principles
      2. Understanding User Intent vs. Keywords vs. Pages
      3. Debunking Three Common Keyword Misconceptions
      4. Zvqxwgmjxq xzw Vwkgqyx wk Vqwx Zyvqx
      5. Bxyvkxwqz wk ZEI qx xzw vwvkqxy
      6. Xzw Wvxqx wk ZEI
      7. Why SEO Fails
    5. In-house SEO and Google: A relationship of dependency
      1. Google's Intentions and Political Goals
      2. Strategy of Obfuscation
      3. Interpreting Google's Statements
      4. Analyzing Google Updates
      5. Google's Vertical Search and Its Monopoly

37 chapters • 120 mins • live Q&A afterwards • optional: homework

Live Session 2

In the second live session of the masterclass, we concentrate on establishing the right goals for in-house SEO and explore various growth strategy options. This includes how to develop concrete strategies and effectively communicate and sell these ideas to stakeholders, ensuring alignment and support for SEO initiatives.

Chapters of live session 2:

  1. In-house SEO Goal Definition
    1. Aspirations and Objectives
    2. Deriving SEO Goals from Company Objectives
    3. Inventory, Demand, and Supply Theory in SEO
      1. The Inventory Theory in SEO
      2. Demand Theory in SEO
      3. The Supply Theory in SEO
      4. Vqpkzy Xyjjdw qzw Vujqwx
      5. Rwklzyx Jxxxyqywx qx Xyjjdw
      6. Cm Yxcyqxwf qkfw Xwvkpyz Vyxwzx
  2. In-house SEO Growths Strategies
    1. Jxqwvgzpo yqr Kn-Rxqvw ZEI Txzlhw
    2. Special Focus: Growth through Internationalization
    3. Special Focus: Growth through Mergers and Acquisitions
  3. Developing a Concrete In-House SEO Strategy
    1. Adapting SEO Strategies for Different Stages
    2. The Intelligence Agency Paradox in SEO
    3. Vux Zjqwmpk af Kysr Wqchtico jl Rvnltdou Lzwgysi
    4. Cbfjrwxquyq Zktvjygi wqkm Xhcvuco
    5. Pvy ZEI Jwlgtybiv vr Bxqhrvuj Yzqfwox Zmxlc
    6. Identifying and Leveraging Unique SEO Moats
  4. Presenting In-House SEO Strategies
    1. The False Self-Conception of SEOs
    2. The Impact of SEO Jargon on Business
    3. Building Political Capital
    4. Comprehensive Stakeholder Management in In-house SEO
      1. In-house SEO & C-Level
      2. In-house SEO and Department Manager Relations
      3. Collaboration Between In-house SEO and Editorial Teams
      4. In-house SEO and IT/Development Collaboration
      5. In-house SEO and Design Interactions
      6. In-house SEO within Its Own Department
      7. In-house SEO and Product Management Synergy
      8. In-house SEO and Marketing
      9. In-house SEO and Other Departments
    5. Forecasting in SEO: Predictions and Trends

32 chapters • 120 mins • live Q&A afterwards • optional: homework

Live Session 3

The third live session of the masterclass focuses on the practical aspects of implementation, discussing what strategies in SEO work, what doesn't, and the reasons behind these outcomes. We delve into mental models for setting priorities and explore proven strategies to enhance the effectiveness of SEO implementation.

Chapters of live session 3:

  1. Implementing In-House SEO Strategy
    1. Common Pitfalls in XZO Smimplxtan
    2. Mental Models and Tools for Prioritization
    3. Concept of Ager Ps Aannet Undlesb
    4. Theory of Aqw Pualilp Auorinp
    5. Managing Dependencies in SEO
    6. Transforming the Entire Company into SEO Contributors
    7. Executing SEO Projects with the Management Cycle
      1. Spnalasts
      2. Kiunninp
      3. Timglemenalie
      4. Zvatuasv
    8. The Concept of SEO Velocity
    9. Proven Strategies: Tasd Ynd Nwotitp Toncepoks
    10. Proven Strategies: Content Repurposing
    11. Proven Strategies: PR and Link Building
    12. Outsourcing in SEO
      1. What Can and Cannot be Outsourced?
      2. Solving the Principal-Agent Problem in SEO
      3. Winding ZEO Fervice Srividers
      4. Lecting SSEO Serfice Provilects
      5. Nanaging MSEO Sivice Previders
      6. Villing BEOSeerfice Providets
      7. SEO Tooling

23 chapters • 120 mins • live Q&A afterwards • optional: homework

Live Session 4

In the fourth live session, the masterclass shifts to measuring SEO success, outlining effective methods for tracking and evaluating SEO performance. It also covers strategies for building and retaining a high-performing SEO team and concludes with insights into the future trends and developments in the field of SEO.

Chapters of live session 4:

  1. Assessing and Measuring the Success of In-House SEO Strategies
    1. The Cause and Effect Dilemma in SEO
    2. Experimentation and A/B Testing in SEO
    3. Zitteng Pu Foniturinp
    4. Treafuring Mz Somplicadet Yn Fon Ubjessnon
    5. The Importance and Utility of SEO Reports
  2. In-house SEO Within the Organizational Structure
    1. Position of SEOs in the organization
    2. Building Effective SEO Teams
    3. Ongoing Education and Training for In-House SEOs
    4. Showing presence
    5. In-house SEO Career Paths and Opportunities
  3. The Future of In-house SEO
    1. SEO in the Context of Artificial Intelligence
      1. The Impact of AI on SEO
      2. Nisfonding Do EI Tevelopbents Sn XEO
      3. Glooble's SEMP Churges Yn Tronseep Fo EI
    2. Future Predictions for SEO Evolution
    3. Challenges and Opportunities in Future In-House SEO
  4. Outro
    1. Why SEO Fails (no longer)
    2. Continuation and Next Steps
  5. Appendix and Additional Resources
    1. Thü Xan-Pouze ZEO Nansefto
    2. Sources and Further Reading
    3. Acknowledgments and Credits

18 chapters • 120 mins • live Q&A afterwards

The Twist: Monthly Office Hours

The theory sounds simple, but the implementation can be difficult. However, after our four live sessions, you won't be alone. Over the next two years, there will be monthly office hours that you can dial in to, if you like, and discuss the challenges you are currently facing.

  • Monthly office hours, during working hours
  • Easy Zoom room to dial in, exclusively for alumni
  • ~2 hours min.
  • great to ask questions and get feedback from me and peers
  • long-term support: two years of monthly office hours guaranteed

Think of it as your sounding board, mentorship, and consulting hotline jour-fixe. A second opinion before situations arise that make a second opinion necessary.

Who should join and why

The In-house SEO Masterclass was crafted for many different use cases - but not all. Some types of companies will benefit more than others, therefore I carefully select the participants.

Every single attendee deserves to be fully satisfied, that's why I on top offer a 100% money-back guarantee. And ultimately my reputation is all I thrive on — so I depend on enthusiastic students and their recommendations. The application-based setup makes sure, our goals and interests are fully aligned.

This Masterclass is made for companies with:

  • an e-commerce model

    (vs. ad-based businesses, agencies, consultants, ...)

  • 100+ employees and a mature organization

    (vs. two people with a dream, ...)

  • meaningful marketing operation

    (vs. »can't afford anything«, ...)

  • willingness to change when needed

    (vs. »can't change that« mindset, ... )

Bonus (but no requirement)

  • Your company established a strong brand or is about to become one.
  • The strategic importance of organic search traffic is already established.
  • There's already a dedicated team responsible for organic search success.
Is this Masterclass suitable for Start-Ups?

The strategies discussed in this Masterclass are extremely valuable to be known from the start. Founders and Day-One Teams starting with the knowledge from this masterclass do have a competitive advantage.

However, for small organizations, a fair share of action points become relevant only at a later point and the majority of immediate take-aways from the masterclass will be »things not to do».

My goal is to avoid any potential frustration and in some cases, operational SEO training or not focussing on SEO at all can be the smarter choice for early-stage companies. If you wonder if the In-house SEO Masterclass is for you I offer a call where we figure out what's the right thing to do for your individual situation. Just get in contact with me.

Typical Participants

These are typical situations and use cases when people decide to join the masterclass.

You are the CEO.

You figured out PMF. You’ve got VC. And now you‘re ready to scale big time. Your goal: subsidizing your paid channels with organic traffic to lower CAC.

→ Join along your Product Manager and CMO and each of you get firsthand a deep understanding of how to strategically steer the company towards over-proportional growth. The one-time investment of 10k Euro for all three of you together comes on top with 50+ hours of office hours — try to get that value for money from a top agency.

You are the Lead Product Manager.

You love creating products for real people, and you're good at it. However, marketers are coming at you with conflicting requests. Do the PCC and SEO departments really need two different landing pages? How can the nonsense that the SEO experts suggest benefit the user? Should I even bother?

→ Join together with your two key marketing stakeholders and develop a common understanding and language. Chances are, you want exactly the same thing. In this masterclass, we will bridge potential differences in perspective to create clarity and productivity. For around 10,000 euros, you not only invest in the further development of your collaboration. You also get a sounding board as well as space for a profound second opinion for all kinds of potential internal controversies down the road - with 24 sessions of office hours over the next two years.

You are the Director SEO.

And yet, not part of the group of people of make the important decisions. How is that possible, the company is thriving on the back of the organic traffic you bring in. Will there ever be a seat on the table for you?

→ Join and receive unique executive training on how to think and act at C-level. Meet other people like you, equally hungry for more input on how to thrive as SEO and ready for the next step. And last but not least: utilize two years of feedback, support, and hands-on advice for real-life situations (for an investment as low as one random marketing experiment).

You lead a rockstar SEO team.

Your people are skilled and well trained and because of your good work and results, you got your support from the Management. But you want to move faster, want your team to act more strategically, less opportunistic. Operational SEO workshops won‘t do the job but you also haven’t found a place yet, where your team of seven experts could learn about the shortcuts to the path upwards.

→ Join along with your full team and create a lasting learning experience for and with them. Be amazed by what’s possible if everyone is in the same state of knowledge. Accelerate your SEO operation for all 7 people for as little as 14k Euro one-time investment and benefit from a kickstart masterclass and two years of ongoing expert conversation and community.

You are in Venture Capital.

Your company backs some of the most promising startups and while they do not have large operations and brands yet, they soon will. But some of the (alleged) small mistakes they will make along the way will grow together with the company and become heavy and costly debt later — not even mention the opportunity costs. The SEO experts you recommend come and go, but the initial excitement about the channel tends to cool down quite quickly and the outcome of all the audits you ran is unclear. Is SEO something your teams should invent into at all, isn't organic search dead anyway?

→ Counterintuitively in most cases, my advice for startups is not to start with SEO on day one. In an environment with tight resources, it’s just reasonable to focus on short- and mid-term impact areas.

However: Companies that set up their org, their processes, and their tech stack early and well and in line with modern SEO requirements do have an unfair advantage against companies that don’t.

There are tons of low or no-cost decisions to make that will decide now about how well your organic traffic strategy will work later down the road. I’ll tell you which ones matter.

Gift your founder teams access to the In-house SEO Masterclass and unlock their full organic growth potential. I’ll accompany them for two years with monthly office hours and am looking forward to their questions.

About Dominik

Dominik Schwarz
Hello and Grüßgott.
  • 🤓 I guess, I am what other people call a nerd. Understanding systems and patterns behind things excites me. I love to build, create, and teach.
  • 👨🏻‍💻 In my career so far I held positions spanning from solo entrepreneur to C-level of a publicly traded tech company. I’ve talked with mom-and-pop shop owners about SEO as well as with venture capitalists, 1:1 with managers as well as in front of 16.000 co-workers.
  • 🚀 I built my first website in 1998. It’s still live. Other web projects of mine made it to the front doors of Reddit and hackernews.
  • 🦕 In my spare time I pursue my interests, which mostly revolve somehow around Wikipedia, pyramids, and dinosaurs.
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 I’m married and my wonderful wife and I raise two girls, born in 2020 and 2022, in Berlin, Germany.


HomeToGo, IPO day 2021

Berlin, 2015 – 2022

Chief Inbound Officer (CIO), HomeToGo

In 2015 I joined vacation rental platform HomeToGo as one of the first employees.

We grew the company to 12+ brands, 600+ employees and IPO‘ed in 2021 at an evaluation north of 1 Billion Euro at that point.

Organic traffic and the team’s excellent execution of my inbound marketing strategy vision have been one key pillar of this growth story and have become a blueprint for many other companies.

SEO contribution during my time at HomeToGo: 300.000.000+ € GBV.

I’ll be forever grateful for having had the chance to pursue what I believe in with trust, backing and the highest degree of freedom.


Zurich, Boston, Berlin, 2012 – 2015

Director SEO Europe, KAYAK

I served as KAYAK’s first SEO ever, reporting directly to the CTO.

The multi-brand/multi-language foundations the team and I built all still and to this date crucial SEO infrastructure, some still unparalleled in my opinion.

Never I have learned more about scaling, speed, ambition, and why US companies often win than during my time here — I still benefit every single day.

Independent SEO/Growth Consultant
Independent SEO and Growth Consultant

20th Century - date

Independent SEO/Growth Consultant

I’ve been blessed being able to have and had the chance to work with some of the smartest, most ambitious (and interestingly enough kindest and most humble) people I’ve ever met — for household name brands and hidden champions.

The insight I got during the mostly long-term consulting processes broadened my horizons tremendously.

🎓 Education

I'm working on an MBA of Digital Business & Innovation from the Middlesex University, London and plan to graduate with a master thesis on in-house SEO.

🏆 Awards

For what it’s good for: I received some SEO awards.

👨🏻‍🏫 Capacity Building

This masterclass, though, is the very first time I will talk about my end-to-end SEO strategy playbook.

👍 References

The In-house SEO Masterclass is brand new and testimonials and the first reviews of the program are about to come in. In the meantime, check out what people say in general about my work.


In-house SEO Masterclass

The Organic Search Executive Education Program for Founders, C-level, VPs and Directors (of product, marketing or tech) and ambitious SEO Managers.

5.158 Euro +19% VAT
per participant.

  • one-time payment
  • all included, zero upsell
  • 4 live sessions
  • 4 Q&A sessions
  • community access
  • 50+ office hours consulting over 2 years
  • 50% discount for the second participant from the same company.
  • 75% discount for the third+ participant from the same company.

You're CPO and you join along with your Director of SEO as well as their two most senior team members. The total cost to efficiently & effectively align you + three stakeholders on a proven set of strategies is around 10k Euro.

Access for 4 people of the same company:
1×5.158 € + 1×2.579 € + 2×1.289,50 € = 10.316 Euro

Finally a sustainable SEO strategy for less than

I am aware that internal stakeholders and gatekeepers might not immediately realize that even the implementation of one single learning from this masterclass creates a positive ROI. Here are some thoughts on this:

Money back guarantee

I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. In case you're not fully satisfied after the first live session I'll refund every single Euro.

Your risk is zero. In case you request a refund I'll politely ask for a call to understand your motivation and what I can improve. But even if you deny it, I'll refund you, period.

Education Budget vs. Consulting Budget

This masterclass comes with two years of »office hours«, a unique opportunity to discuss the latest updates of search as well as the challenges of the specific implementation with me and other masterclass participants once a month in a live session via Zoom: 50+ consulting hours, worth a multiple of the one time charge of this masterclass.

Get in contact with me and we'll figure out how we can make your participation work, given your individual approval process and guidelines.


Everything I know about SEO and Inbound Marketing I owe to people who put me into positions I wasn't fully qualified for yet when I started them. I'm grateful for the opportunities I was given and in this spirit, I'd like to support the next generation of experts.

Per masterclass cohort I'm sponsoring one 100% scholarship. If you meet the following requirements I'm looking forward to your application:

  • You're 30 or younger.
  • You have a proven track record in SEO.
  • You consider a career in SEO, marketing, product management, or tech.
How to apply for the scholarship simply
  • send me an e-mail with your CV and
  • attach in a form and format of your choice your top reasons, why you should be considered for the scholarship and
  • how it would make a difference for you and your professional career.

Please apply even if you think you might not fully match the criteria. How you think about your future is more important to me than your current and past experience.

Dates & Application

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon! Really, what could be more fun than talking about SEO for two years :) Shoot me your application, I'll review based on the criteria mentioned above and will get back to you within 24 hours.

Upcoming Dates

  • The next cohort starts in April 2024.

Apply now

Frequently Asked Questions

In which language does the Masterclass take place?

The masterclass will be held in English.

What exactly do I get?
  • 4 live sessions via Zoom (no recording!)
  • 4 Q&A sessions
  • community access
  • 50+ office hours consulting calls with the community over 2 years
Sounds all great. But is this Masterclass worth the investment?

I have a couple of thoughts on this topic:

  • One single implementation of a recommendation from this masterclass makes the attendance ROI-positive.
  • It's funny/sad how companies don't mind spending money on crazy paid marketing experiments but hesitate with SEO spend.
  • There's zero risk: I offer a money back guarantee in case you don't like the first live session.
  • The concept of this masterclass is not a one-off: I'll be your companion for 2 years and assist you with the implementation.

This Masterclass is the first time I openly talk about the strategy that created over 300.000.000 € GBV via SEO for my last employer. I'm absolutely sure there are at least some valuable insights for you.

Can I get a discount?
  • The second attendee from the same company receives a 50% discount, the third+ person from the same company gets a 75% discount. Check out the details.
  • You might be eligible to apply for the 100% scholarship.
Why should more than 1 person from a company join?

SEO is, if implemented correctly, a collection of processes and mindsets across the whole company. My experience shows: if the major stakeholders aren't on board, SEO simply never takes off.

That's why I created a pricing model that allows a larger group from a single organization to join this masterclass for a joint mission: to create an environment and to execute the right strategies for sustainable organic growth.

A CMO, an SEO expert, a product manager, and a developer team lead all have different questions and perspectives. This masterclass is - as I believe - the only executive training that's suitable for all the people in these roles and that's suitable for a joint learning experience that lasts.

Will the Masterclass teach what exact SEO tactic I should use?

No, the In-house SEO Masterclass is agnostic in the sense of what your exact beliefs, restrictions, and experiences are. This Masterclass is not about SEO methods, tactics, or ranking factors in the first place.

I'll teach you how to develop, sell, implement, and measure a sustainable SEO strategy, regardless of what exactly your strategy is. I'll provide you with the insides that will make you confident and more successful in your day-to-day work. I'll translate together with you the different languages and mental models of your stakeholders. We'll talk about strategic SEO management that will affect almost all departments of your organization.

How you will apply your new knowledge and if your key to visibility is more content or more backlinks is up to you. But I'm happy to challenge you on that over the two years of office hours we'll spend together.

Can I bring another person from my team to the office hours?

No, the Masterclass seats are personalized. One key value of this Masterclass is the contact with other people being in the same situation as you, facing the same challenges. Being part of this community will create an additional sounding board for your operational questions and can be a wonderful start for collaborations of all kinds.

Trust and consistency are key to that. Therefore only ticket owners can join the live sessions and office hours. However, second or third+ sign-ups from the same company are heavily discounted, consider joining as a team.

What are the payment terms? What's on the invoice?
  • You will receive an invoice for the full amount, payable in advance via wire transfer. My legal entity is a Germany-based GmbH.
  • The invoice will come with 19% VAT unless reverse charge is applicable.
  • The invoice will mention »Executive Training Online Marketing: in-House SEO Masterclass« and »50 hours of consulting (office hours)«

In case you need additional information on the invoice (like a vendor number, purchase order number, or similar) simply let me know.

I'm a consultant/I work for an agency. Can I join regardless?

Maybe. The masterclass is written for in-house experts and their in-house stakeholders. The participants gain value through the fact, that they can talk openly amongst peers and can use the office hours to network and exchange with people in the exact same situation then they are. In the spirit of maximizing this value, non-in-house experts can't join.

However, if there is enough demand, I'd consider running an agency & consultant-only edition of the masterclass as I believe service providers would benefit from a better understanding of their client's challenges. Let me know if I should put you on the waitlist.


The In-house SEO Masterclass is brand new and testimonials and the first reviews of the program are about to come in. In the meantime, read what industry peers, colleagues, managers, customers, partners, and friends say about my work in general.

Testimonials on each page load in random order. The job titles correspond to the respective positions the reference givers held at the time they wrote their testimonials. Thank you all so much!