Dominik M. Schwarz

Director SEO Europe, KAYAK Europe GmbH (Zurich Berlin) · Founder and General Manager, Schwarz & Kollegen GmbH & Co. KG (Cologne) · Planning and building successful websites since 1998 · Lecturer, Stiftung Digitale Chancen (Berlin) · Sometimes Speaker · Always curious.

Tschö Köln. Grüezi Zürich. Hallo Berlin!

SEO für Kayak
Since July 2012 I'm Director SEO Europe of travel search engine KAYAK, working at their European headquarters based in Zurich (Switzerland) Berlin. In Germany, KAYAK operates under the brand name SWOODOO and Austrians are probably familiar with CHECKFELIX.COM.

Online marketing consultancy from scratch.

Onlinemarketing von Schwarz & Kollegen
In 2011, I founded Schwarz & Kollegen GmbH & Co. KG in Cologne (Germany). The company's focus is helping our clients build up their own successful in-house online marketing department. Schwarz & Kollegen is certified Google AdWords Partner and I am listed in the well-respected KfW-Beraterbörse.

The evolution of an online marketing agency.

Starting in 2005 I worked in several positions for the web design company absofort Erfolg im Internet GmbH & Co. KG, based in Herford near Bielefeld (Germany). I was the first employee of the newly-founded marketing department and after the company got bought by Cologne-based Media Ventures GmbH in 2008 I was the first who moved to Cologne.

I left the company in 2011 as head of the SEO department and as an associate partner.

Communication. Fascination. And 1.600+ scans.

Laupheimer Ansichtskarten
I always work with a long term perspective. And that was highly needed, when I started to digitize and prepare a collection of over 800 historic postcards of my home town. For about five years I worked behind the scenes and in 2011 the project finally went online. As far as I know is the most advanced presentation of postcards and town history online.

Of mice and users. Social media Mongolian gerbils.
Back in 1998, when Yahoo! Geocities was great and Google just started in the US, I built a website about Mongolian gerbils. Today, more than a decade later, the website is still online and even growing every day.

»Well,« you might think, »how many fans of Mongolian gerbils could possibly be out there in Germany?« I can tell you: 80.000+ unique visitors, every month. Today it's called community management. I call it an eye for details, user centric development, and having the right touch in organizing big systems.

Ohai Interwebs. Teaching online competence.

Stiftung Digitale Chancen
I strongly believe that the impact of the rise of the internet is even bigger than Gutenberg's printing press. Print is mostly a one-way-channel, whereas online every user can be a publisher, in real time and (nearly) without any costs. However, we don't teach in schools how to use technology for your own benefit. Where's the manual for "the internet"?

That's why I got involved in the "train the trainer" project of Berlin-based Foundation Stiftung Digitale Chancen. Since 2010 I am a lecturer for the campaign "Inklusive Internet" and I have given many successful adult education training sessions for school teachers, in youth centers, old people's homes, and more.

And speaking about learnings.

Sometimes I speak at conferences.
Entrepreneurship Summit 2012 - Berlin SMX Munich 2013 SEO Cruise 2013 - Kiel/Oslo

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